Kaiserbad Ellmau


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Water Park

Maximum enjoyment at the Kaiserbad

Ellmauer Kaiserbad with view Wilder Kaiser
Ellmauer Kaiserbad with view Wilder Kaiser

Not only does the Kaiserbad have a front row seat to the Wilder Kaiser, its water park is a great place to unwind and let loose. Ellmi's Friends has plenty to keep the little ones entertained and for the thrill seekers, we've got you covered with the turbo slide, black hole, wide slide, our giant 92 metre water slide and our 1 and 3 metre diving platforms. And if you've still got energy left, then there's water cannons, a water mushroom and a waterfall for you to explore. If you're after a change of scenery and want to keep the kids dry for once, then check out our large playground.

The water park in summer includes:

  • Outdoor pool with a 'lazy' river
  • Children's pool
  • Swimming pond
  • Springboard (1m - 3m)
  • 4 slides: Black Hole, turbo slide, giant water slide and wide slide
  • Large playground
  • Beach Volleyball court
  • Spa with sauna and steam baths
  • Kaiserbad Ellmau
    Kaiserbad Ellmau
  • Summer Outdoor pool
    Summer Outdoor pool
  • lazy river
    lazy river
  • wide slide
    wide slide
  • Slide tower
    Slide tower
  • Swimming pond
    Swimming pond
  • Outdoor pool
    Outdoor pool
  • Slides
  • Waterpark
  • Sauna and steam bath
    Sauna and steam bath
  • children play ground
    children play ground
  • Kids play area
    Kids play area
  • Springboard (1m - 3m)
    Springboard (1m - 3m)
  • Swimming pond summer
    Swimming pond summer
  • recreation area
    recreation area

Kaiserbad Ellmau - blaue Rutsche

Die blaue Großwasserrutsche im Kaiserbad Ellmau (Tirol - Österreich). Sehr heftiges Ding - besonders die eine Kurve haut einen fast aus der Bahn. Die Rutsche ...